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Since we can't get through to you, all we have now to rely on is Squall! However, near the end of the game, she explains to Squall that she will temporarily break ties with Seifer because of his recent behavior. Cat - I'm not defending Wikia, and it's not a matter of them caring, believe me they do, it just seems futile when they're going to find out eventually. Nomura was surprised when the writers cast her as a teacher, despite being around the same age as the rest of the group. As soon as I saw the guy one I know it was only a matter of time till this came up

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To them, I say no.

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That requires -IMO- a lot of knowledge and practice not only in lighting, but in compositing and rendering. Martine is the head of Galbadia Garden. You could basically tell what he wants from his facial expressions.

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