Warframe matchmaking with friends

warframe matchmaking with friends

Rather than having to set it to invite only which stops my friends jumping in my missions to hang with me unless I invite them, when let's face it. We face bosses multiple times for various reasons, and failing a mission has no real impact at all outside of being captured by a hunter squad. Keyrala View Profile View Posts. This sounds nice and all, but the only time you'd ever find a group would be if you were in a clan like Tryhard Quasars or another Moon clan that actually has a ton of people online at one time. I support this option for matchmaking. Since he was alone at the time, inviting would have meant dying. Master Alien.

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I also suggest that you add another option to extend it out to Alliance.

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You can click this to change it to solo, invite only, and friend only. From there you can just right-click any member and select the option to invite them into your group. I'm glad I found this topic.

warframe matchmaking with friends
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