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And she is a force of nature, personality-wise. On SelfieJohn Cho 's Henry dates a girl he's alike to in almost every way — except while he's slightly taller than average Cho stands at 5'10"she's positively tiny, not even making it to 5 feet of height, with nearly a full foot difference between them. They also venture into the Beast and Beauty territory thanks to Briareos being a full-body cyborg. Dragons in Our Midst has a non-romantic example: Once they all return home, she's back to being a tall, leggy girl. She's not kidding when she says he can pick her up with one hand. This may or may not be romantic depending on how you ship them all shipping combinations of the three have been seen.

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No memes that are text only.

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Kristoff, from Frozenbears a partial resemblance to the scrapped Bastion, being taller and stockier than the average Disney leading male. Next to him, Deunan does look rather tiny.

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