Physical development of adults

physical development of adults

Adults in their 20s and 30s set many goals that they intend to accomplish—from finishing graduate school, to getting married and raising children, to becoming a millionaire before age Other significant events during adolescence include the production of viable sperm in boys and egg cells in girls, although these do not signal full sexual maturity. Although you might reach maturity in many areas before adulthood, there are still changes and declines that take place, especially between 35 to 60 years old during middle adulthood. Help and Review Research Methods in Psychology: Track course progress. Take quizzes and exams.

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The first stage is known as the coming together phase, and the second stage is known as the coming apart phase.

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Age 22—33 Starting a Family: Earn certificates of completion. Physical, Psychological and Emotional Changes in Adults.

physical development of adults
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